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"One huge thing I noticed when we came with mumms, was that a nurse who has worked for us for a very long time spent her regular hour at a patient’s home and for the VERY FIRST TIME her charting was completely done before leaving that patient’s home!"
—Amy Burr, Director, Meadowlark Hospice in KS

"We are thrilled to begin utilizing Hummingbird soon. In this ever-changing and heavily scrutinized world of hospice, we needed technology smart enough to provide all of our sites with hospice specific business intelligence, remain compliant with regulatory changes and still deliver ease of use for our clinicians" (see full press release)
–Brad Thibodaux, Chief Data Officer; Harbor Hospice

"Just wanted to share that we've been with mumms for a little over a year now and looking back, we definitely feel that we made the right decision. Recently, we've had to dig in to our old software files for some information and I think we've all had the same nice it is not to have to deal with a cumbersome, huge name software. Edits are much easier now, customer service is excellent and the software itself is just so much easier to navigate and has great features. We were able to attend the Innovation Conference which was excellent. We are incredibly excited about Hummingbird and can't wait to get started with this new product. Have to give a shout out to our rep/trainer, Cindy McCarville, who is awesome! She keeps in touch and is always quick to respond to any needs. Thanks to everyone at mumms. I had the chance to sing your praises to a hospice in our alliance today and thought I'd share the love with you all as well! Keep up the great work!"
—Celene Loosier RN, CHPN Director of Clinical Services

"Daniel, Shelby, and Jessica [support technicians] are fantastic; they are so helpful and efficient and we really appreciate them here. We love mumms, support is always there for us, very user friendly."
—Dana Evans, Office Manager, Thomaston Hospice

"We got a call from Loren in Washington state, and he asked us about the mumms program so we gave you all a good recommendation. When he asked about tech support, we told him it couldn't be better. We don't tell you that often enough, but we are thankful to have you and for all the tech staff does for us."
–Linda Spain, Serenity HospiceCare, Inc.

"I love this AR posting module…it will save me so much time, I will gladly be a spokesman next year at the conference for it!!"
–Maurya Bergen, Hospice of the Sacred Heart

"We just brought on our Kentucky Team on Monday. On this team is a nurse who has been with us for 14 years. Never once in those 14 years has she been timely with her documentation (I am not exaggerating!). She came to me on Wednesday and said she had all her patients seen and the documentation completed. She had even completed her Worksheets and Referral Agreement/POC for next Wednesday's Team Meeting. That was an amazing success!"
–Betsy Miller, Hospice of Hope

"The great and wonderful thing about mumms Technical Support and Secure Computing is no matter what, you always seem to know how to fix “it”!! And for that my dear, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Nothing too small or in this case too big for you."
–Lori McDermott, York County Hospice

"[The new bereavement module] is the best thing since the cell phone. I discharged two patients this morning, and the letters popped up. I am soooo happy to have this. It saves so much time. Thank you."
–Tracy Dona, Mountain Valley Hospice

"Let me begin by thanking the mumms Staff for allowing me to participate in such an important event as the twentieth anniversary celebration of mumms. The experience of seeing how you guys work, how much you care for what you do and how much you care for your customers has left a great impression on me, an impression that I will certainly share with my associates here in Puerto Rico. My wife and I had an excellent time in New Orleans, and we very much enjoyed the company of such a great group of people, who besides being professionals are very nice to talk to. I personally thank you for your attention to detail in remembering to set up the talks with other Medical Directors regarding the Palliative Care Program. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future."
–Walter Rivera, Hospicio Toque de Amor

"I just wanted to take an opportunity to share how amazing mumms has been for our company! First of all, your training is top notch. My entire team has been amazed by how thorough the training is! Second, your support response time is incredible! We haven't had to be confused or unable to log in for longer than it takes to send an e-mail. One of your support team members gets back to us with lightening speed! Finally, we just love the program! We have worked with different programs at other agencies and NOTHING was as comprehensive or user friendly! We have our entire staff charting as well as our volunteers and physicians! It's incredible! Thank you mumms for making this Hospice Administrator's job so easy!"
–Amber, Administrator of ProCare Hospice

"I am very interested and excited about the new program. We have been with mumms for about six years and have seen a lot of changes that has improved mumms greatly. I hope we have been able to contribute to that success. Your staff namely Ashley, Cindy, Patti and Steven which we deal with a lot have been and continue to be very patient, helpful and accommodating to our needs and wishes no matter how impatient we have gotten they listen and resolve the problems and tend to our needs. I believe they ought to be recognized for their great service and for being the personification of mumms."
–Frank Houston, Preferred Hospice