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New Tools to Clearly Show Patient Decline Assisting Hospices In Addressing Medicare’s Second Most Common Deficiency

Medicare Emphasizes Patient Scores In Determining Hospice Appropriateness

Recently, Medicare has drawn attention to denial code 5CF36 – Patient is Not Hospice Appropriate. Hospice organizations face this error code when they have provided appropriate documentation that a patient is declining and appropriate for hospice. In fact, patient not appropriate for hospice was the second most common denial in Q1 of 2020 according to Palmetto GBA.

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New Enhancements to The Physician Certification App

A Certification App For Physicians, Nurses, and Medical Records

Physician certifications and recertifications are a key component to hospice care. However, many nurses, medical records and physicians are still bogged down in paperwork as they go back through prior charts to collect all the data necessary for physicians to certify a patient. Further, if electronic certifications are not linked to the EMR, certs may have to be printed, signed, scanned, uploaded, and re-entered into each patient chart. And that does not even include ensuring the correct dates get to billing!

The Physician Cert App takes this historically cumbersome process and automates it into a process clinicians can complete in 7 minutes and 6 simple steps!


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Updating Hospice Emergency Preparedness Plan For Covid 19

Hurricane season is upon us which means many hospice and palliative care providers are reviewing and updating their emergency preparedness plans. This year, with Covid-19 continuing to impact healthcare facilities across the country, emergency plans are being updated with new accommodations.

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Maintaining Mental Health Through Covid-19

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and with Covid-19 close to many's minds, mental health is as important as ever. For healthcare and hospice workers the past two months have been particularly hard.

We want to highlight some organizations offering free tools or services to help healthcare workers and first responders including Headspace Inc. offering free meditation practices and TalkSpace offering free therapy tools.

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6 Tips For Secure Hospice Data

With Covid-19 requiring more and more hospice clinicians and staff to work from home, data security is in the spotlight. High standards are already applied to the healthcare industry to ensure private health information of patients is protected. It's critical now more than ever to ensure data is protected. 

We have compiled 6 tips for hospice administrators to implement to help keep their staff and patients safe.


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