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HHS Releases Primer for the Medicare Appeals Process

HHS has put together a primer on navigating the complex Medicare Appeals process. According to NHPCO, The Medicare Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals reports a backlog of more than 880,000 appeals at the end of FY2015. HHS has also issued a new proposed rule to help minimize the backup. 

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Hospice Certification Errors

Palmetto GBA has published a list of hospice certification errors and how to avoid the errors. We encourage hospice to review this article to prevent being denied certification. 

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Hospice Medical Review Top Denial Reason Codes

Palmetto GBA has posted the hospice medical review top denial reason codes and how to avoid them for April - June 2015. We encourage hospice provider to review this information before filing claims to help prevent denials and ensure claims are processed timely. 

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