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3 Ways To Make Transitioning Hospice Software Smooth and Easy

Hospices often find themselves in need of changing their EMR to improve their efficiencies. Maintaining consistency in level of care provided and ensuring no patient data is lost during this transition once the decision to switch is made is incredibly important. However, changing hospice software companies can be an intimidating task. 

When a hospice switches the software they use to run their business and manage their patient charting, it can be intimidating for everyone from clinicians, to administrators, to the IT team. To make transitioning as smooth as possible, hospice leaders need to protect against data-loss caused by transferring to a new program, work with staff to get buy-in on the program and implement a training program to ensure no loss in efficiency.

Below, we’ve provided some tips for working with your new hospice software provider to make transitioning a breeze.


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New Partnership For Better Hospice Referral Insights


mumms Software, a hospice EMR and management software, and PlayMaker Health, the post-acute industry's leading data solutions provider, are excited to partner to deliver hospices enhanced insights into their performance data.


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How Compliant Care Plans Can Help Address Concerns Raised In The July OIG Report

In July, OIG and HHS released a new report that shook the hospice industry. The reports found that between 2012-2016, 87% of 4,567 hospices were cited for Medicare violations. Of these violations, HHS found that 20% were serious enough to endanger patients.

Below we detail the OIG report findings and discuss how hospices can introduce care plan compliance to assure compliance in the future.


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HHS Releases Primer for the Medicare Appeals Process

HHS has put together a primer on navigating the complex Medicare Appeals process. According to NHPCO, The Medicare Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals reports a backlog of more than 880,000 appeals at the end of FY2015. HHS has also issued a new proposed rule to help minimize the backup. 

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Patient Culture in Hospice Care

The hospice and palliative care community has long been aware of the need to increase diversity in the patients and families it serves. This week, NHPCO released a Moments of Life video that highlighted the importance of including a patients cultural background in their hospice care plan. 


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