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Medicare to Increase Hospice Spending in 2016

CMS has proposed a rule that could increase spending on hospice by 1.3% or $200 million in fiscal year 2016. CMS is also using this rule to clarify how to properly document a diagnosis on claims forms.

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Medicare Considers Changing Hospice Care Policy

USA Today reported last week that Medicare is considering changes to hospice care policy to prevent overpayments. More specifically, the changes would prevent Medicare from paying twice for care provided by both hospice and non-hospice providers. 

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CMS Rescinds Change Request 9114

CMS has rescinded change request 9114 related to adding a physicians NPI number on the election statement signed by new patients. The change request was rescinded on April 17, 2015 in response to concerns raised by the hospice community. Please note, the election statement is different than the Notice of Election (NOE). NOE's still require a physician NPI number. 

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CMS updates FAQ on Hospice CAHPS Surveys

CMS has updated one of the questions in their Hospcie CAHPS FAQ (available here). The question provides clarification on determining eligibility of decedents and caregivers for participation in CAHPS surveys.  

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CMS updates to CR 8443: Review Timeliness Requirements for Prepay Review

CMS recently issued an update to Change Request 8443: Review Timeliness Requirements for Prepay Review. CR 8443 will change the number of days MACs have to conduct complex reviews from 60 days to 30 days. 

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