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CMS Proposed Changes to Hospice Cap Calculations

CMS has released its FY 2015 Hospice Wage Index which includes payment reform and changes to the hopsice cap calculation. 

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Meet Our Tote Bag Sponsor: ABILITY Network

ABILITY Network is a leading healthcare technology company trusted by thousands of payers and providers across the continuum of care, and we are proud to announce that they are also one of the lead sponsors for mumms Silver Conference.

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mumms Silver Conference Guest Speakers Announced

At mumms Silver Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from several industry leaders, many of who are our clients, who are making a difference in the hospice and palliative care industry. Guest speakers will include leaders from Capital Caring, Infinity Hospice Care and Hospice Care Corporation. Sign up to join us June 4th and 5th to learn our guest speakers are driving business decisions, reducing hospital readmissions, developing processes to pass their ADRs efficiently and navigating changes in the hospice cap rules. 

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Medicare to Increase Hospice Spending in 2016

CMS has proposed a rule that could increase spending on hospice by 1.3% or $200 million in fiscal year 2016. CMS is also using this rule to clarify how to properly document a diagnosis on claims forms.

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Medicare Considers Changing Hospice Care Policy

USA Today reported last week that Medicare is considering changes to hospice care policy to prevent overpayments. More specifically, the changes would prevent Medicare from paying twice for care provided by both hospice and non-hospice providers. 

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