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Hummingbird Add-ons

mumms offers optional add-on modules, some never before seen in the hospice industry, to further enhance Hummingbird’s core program. Many of these modules are available to meet specialized needs such as:

  • 3rd party interfaces to eliminate dual entry
  • Palliative Care, Community Bereavement, Private Duty, and other programs you want to keep separate from your hospice.


ClearPay is a revolutionary module unique to mumms, that can save up to 50% of a hospice Biller’s time. Instead of constantly spending time in DDE looking up the status of claims, everything they need will be at their fingertips, making them more efficient, their job easier and get you paid faster!

As an add-on to Hummingbird’s core CMA (Claims Management Automation) features, ClearPay provides

  1. Real-time patient eligibility.
    Anyone with permissions will be able to check patient eligibility directly from Hummingbird at time of referral and get information like prior hospice usage, their certification periods to correctly start elections and avoid missed face-to-face visits, and start the high/low billing rates, all without additional data entry from the user.
  2. Real-time status of claims, updated directly in Accounts Receivables
    Each night Hummingbird receives current DDE claim status for all outstanding Medicare claims. This status is written to the claim and displayed in the accounts receivable and claim level reports. This helps automatically move your claims along in the reimbursement process. A claim auto held for sequential filing will automatically switch to "ready for submission" as soon as prior claims receive a status update that it has hit the payment floor. Again, all without additional data entry from the user.

Find out how much time your Biller will save and how you will get paid faster with ClearPay.

mumms Additional Billing Modules

mumms provides automatic billing functions for non-hospice programs including palliative care, private duty, bereavement, and many others. Patients can be billed for these specialized services in addition to the hospice benefits.

  • Palliative Care Program This program is designed for palliative care patients. All palliative care visits are tracked and billed to Medicare Part B or other appropriate carriers. 
  • Private Duty Program This program is available for recording and billing patient visits not covered under the hospice or palliative care benefits. This program is slightly different as patients may receive and be billed for these services while currently in hospice or palliative care. An example would be providing block time home heath aide services for a palliative care patient.
  • Non-Hospice Program This program is agency defined. For example, billing other hospices for the use of beds in your In-Patient facility, keeping track of Community Bereavement (not part of your hospice patients), transitions type programs where you are not billing Medicare Part B etc. Patients are entered into the program just like your hospice/palliative care patients, but are not included in the hospice/palliative care census.

mumms Third-Party Interfaces

One of the many benefits of mumms Software is its ability to transfer data to any software program that can import or export data. Hummingbird makes it easy to send information or reports to third-party vendors automatically, eliminating the need for information to be re-entered or faxed. Likewise, information can be imported into Hummingbird.

Third-Party Pharmacy

mumms automatically sends all patient demographic information, such as patient name, address, DOB, physician, diagnosis, etc., to the pharmacy benefit manger (PBM) upon admission. During admission, if any information changes, the data is automatically sent as well. Upon discharge, the discharge date information is also sent. In addition to demographics, this interface eliminates the data entry needed to populate mumms with the patient's medication information required for CMS CR 8358 Prescription Reporting in your claims.

Current interfaces include

  • BetterRX
  • Care Services
  • Delta Care Rx
  • Enclara Pharmacia
  • EHO Rx
  • Hospice Pharmacy Solutions
  • OnePoint Patient Care
  • Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services
  • PDC Rx
  • ProCare Rx
  • Wise Hospice Options


Third-Party DME

mumms automatically sends all patient demographic information, such as patient name, address, date of birth, physician, diagnosis, etc., to the durable medical equipment company (DME) upon admission. During admission, if any information changes, the data is automatically sent as well. Upon discharge, the discharge date information is also sent.

Currently interface with

  • HospiceLink
  • StateServ


This HL7 interface feeds information from Hummingbird to your choice of CRM, which eliminates the need for dual entry and makes it faster to associate patients with their referral source. In addition to patient demographics, Hummingbird’s interface updates referrals and admissions so your sales and marketing team have a quick and easy way to identify patient volumes when meeting with referral sources. 

Currently interfacing with

  • Playmaker
  • MatrixCare

Multi-View (MVI)

Multi-View Incorporated (MVI) specializes in benchmarking, management and accounting systems, and management training for the hospice and palliative care community. mumms partners with MVI to ensure that financial and statistical data from mumms will easily integrate with MVI Benchmarking and the CYMA accounting system and eliminate duplicate data entry.


NOTE: Currently, the CAHPS data does not go direct to any vendor. In all cases, the user has to download a report and then upload that report into their CAHPS vendor’s site. This add-on provides the use with the file needed to do this.

mumms is able to interface with any approved CAHPS vendor to customize the report specific to that vendor. The program can also generate a generic file report at no additional cost.

Current Interfaces

  • DSS Research
  • Fazzi

Vendor interfaces coming soon

  • Pinnacle
  • SHP
  • FieldsResearch
  • US Healthcare