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Real Time. Real Payments. Real Easy.

ClearPay is an add-on to Hummingbird's billing suite with groundbreaking innovations that will significantly reduce time spent on claims while giving you more transparency and control.

Check eligibility anytime, anywhere, by anyone

Need to check eligibility on the weekends or after-hours? No problem. Any Hummingbird user can check eligibility instantly.

Goodbye DDE

Integrates directly with Medicare. Track all claims in real-time from your Hummingbird A/R, saving countless hours.

Payment Projections Report

With ClearPay’s real-time claim status updates, you can see your payment projections 8 days in advance automatically. Never before could you get cash flow projections this early.

Electronic NOEs and NOTRs

Stay compliant, eliminate errors, and maximize your revenue. ClearPay automates delivery of your NOEs and NOTRs.

Claim Errors Simplified for Quicker Submission

Easy access to claim errors. Know what and how to fix throughout the month. Billing day is as easy as clicking “Submit”.

A Hospice Industry First. Cut billing time by 40%.

The fact that you do not have to log into DDE to verify every claim, for both NOEs and billable claims, saves us so much time. With 35 sites, it would take our billers at least 2 days out of every week to verify the status of our claims. Now with Hummingbird’s ClearPay we have all pending claims checked before we show to work, which allows us to correct any errors and bill new claims before 9:00 am every day.

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