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The only Surescripts and DrFirst certified e-prescribe in hospice EMR.

E-Prescribe from Within Hummingbird 

No need to leave your EMR. Doctors can sign prescriptions within Hummingbird thanks to integration with DrFirst’s e-prescribing platform. Includes both controlled and non-controlled substances.

Auto-Resolve Orders

Once a doctor e-prescribes, the order associated with this prescription is automatically resolved within Hummingbird.

One-Click Med Entry 

Nurses can say goodbye to the tedious process of entering meds one-by-one at admission. With one click, meds flow directly into Hummingbird: patient med history, covered-not-covered, controlled not controlled. No more phone calls or faxes.



Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is quickly becoming mandated throughout the United States.

Get ahead of the curve.

(more information about this map available from DrFirst)

Savings Calculator

Enter details about your hospice for an estimate of time and cost saved by Clearscripts


Savings on calls to the Pharmacy
Total nurse FTEs
Hourly rate per nurse $
Avg. length of pharmacy call in hours
$$ SAVINGS PER DAY each nurse  
$$ SAVINGS PER DAY all nurses  
NO RX CALL PPD savings  
Savings from not doing "shoebox" at admission
ADC Admissions Ratio %
Admissions per month  
Avg. hours spent at admission
Nursing hours saved per month  
Shoebox savings per patient day  
Total PPD Savings  

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