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Hummingbird PIM is the business side of the program. It follows the patient starting at initial referral through admission, discharge, and bereavement follow-up. It streamlines your operations - stores, tracks, and reports on all the people, places, and things your hospice or palliative care services require. And, the billing system electronically bills all payer sources.


Highlights and Innovations

Custom Dashboards

Customize your dashboard with widgets that put the most important information to you at the forefront.

  • Choose the widgets that you want to see. Our wide variety of widgets include financial, clinical, reporting widgets and much more.
  • Working widgets let you complete tasks or monitor activity directly from your dashboard.
  • Report widgets show you information from a high-level view and allow you to drill down to the patient level.
  • Reporting and working widgets always show information in real time.


Using Hummingbird's ClearPay you can see the status of claims right in the AR — eliminating manually checking the status of claims in DDE. Billing can be simplified down to one click.

Find out more about ClearPay

Built-In Databases

  • Eligibility checking automatically pulls Patient Eligibility from CWF or HETS so you know the patient’s certification period of prior hospices, transfers, etc.
  • Direct Connection to NPI database, saves time and ensures NPI matches - no more wrong or missing MD or facility NPI#
  • Built-in Medicaid and Commercial Insurance carrier database, with direct connection to clearinghouse for seamless claim submission.
  • Built-in Zip Code and CBSA code database updated annually ensures up-to-date index rates

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